A Wildlife Anthology

All Things Breathe Alike: A Wildlife Anthology | Jessica Groenendijk | Words from the Wild

One wildlife anthology. Three passionate nature writers. Nine evocative stories. 


All Things Breathe Alike takes you on a journey through some of the most scenic and rich wildlife habitats in the world. From the humble chameleon in Tanzania to the regal gorilla in Rwanda, from the irrepressible giant otter in the Peruvian Amazon to the majestic elephant in Thailand's forests, and from the gentle sloth to the haughty harpy eagle in French Guiana, the insights and natural encounters in this family-friendly collection will charm and inspire anyone with a respect for, and love of, wildlife. All Things Breathe Alike conveys in words the joy of what is not yet lost. Sign up to receive this ebook and my newsletter, FREE, delivered straight to your inbox!*


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