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Favourite Non-Fiction Nature Reads 

Below are my recommended non-fiction nature reads, ones that will delight, inspire, break your heart, or change your life. Or all four at once... More books will be included as I finish reading them. Clicking on a cover will take you either to its page on (which, I'm told, supports independent booksellers) or on Amazon. If you'd like an occasional reminder to check this page again for new additions, please subscribe to my newsletter.


The Most Perfect Thing
The Blackbird Diaries
The Dun Cow Rib
Common Ground
Where the Wild Winds Are
A River Runs Through It
The Soul of an Octopus
Summers with Juliet
The Last Wilderness
Deep Country
The Home Place
Orchid Fever
The Species Seekers
Self-Portrait with Turtles
The Forest Unseen
Fingers in the Sparkle Jar
The Running Hare
The Invention of Nature
The Moth Snowstorm
Otter Country
The Outrun
H is for Hawk
Song of the Rolling Earth
The Fish Ladder
Our Place
Ocean Country
A Buzz in the Meadow
Beyond Words
Song for the Blue Ocean
In Search of Grace
On The Moor
Strange Company
Wild Roots
Sixty Degrees North
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